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While in the midst of a mentally abusive relationship, I sought help for my anxiety and severe depression. Can I tell you that this man not only diagnosed me with bi-polar and other craziness.

He NEVER took the time to invest in me what needed in order to begin to explain the secrets of my life at the time. Because of the personal nature I will not go into grave detail. But my fiancee was drugging me, and other things i ended up at one mental institution and then jordan hospital with barely any idea of how i got there. I was in and out of what did happen.

I was scared and afraid. The iv in my arm was hurting me bc of the restraints. nurses could give a *** in the er. The nurse called security and all i remember is that The fat lady that did security nearly broke it with her 225lb leg.then i woke up and no memoery of how i ended up in pembroke with a severely bruised arm.

I was afraid for my life and yet my Dr. was NOT there to help or call. He WOULD however take the time to harass me after I posted what happend or chase me for 50$ that my insurance didnt pay. Then EVER so kindly send me a typed letter stating that I was basicly banned from his practice and any therapist that worked for Jordan Hosp.

Also, a third diagnosis of personality disorder. He is scary to have as someone who is supposed to have your best interest and he just treated me like the *** did the Jews. I did on my own, as a result of what happend to me, fix and figure out my life and left that *** I almost married. So in the long run, his lack of being a GOOD DOCTOR made me pick between suicide or keep going for my kids.

Had I chose suicide his name would have been in that letter bc he failed me as a patient in a very very scary vounerable point in my life. Thank You GOD for helping me chose my babies!

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